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Organization Building

Creating and Organizing Structures in and for Academic Enterprises

From entire colleges to Institutes and degree programs, we have experience in organization building. There are three primary competencies to build an academic enterprise:
-- Planning and a prioiri structures
-- Change Management
-- Launch for Success

Creating an organizational structure is more than flipping a switch. Change management needs to be initiated (including compliance), an effective plan needs to be in place, prerequisite policies and practices need to be documented, budget models need to be developed, and contingency plans need to be established. We bring experience and expertise to the table for you.

On top of the building issues, there are the legal and compliance issues, including accreditation and substantive change applications. We bring experience and expertise to those areas as well.

Digital Transformation and EdTech

What many campuses think is digital transformation is actually "digitalization"--converting existing practices to computers. Digital Transformation is about people and the way they work; it is not about hardware or software. If you're not digitally transforming, you are not only losing market share, but you are wasting resources on hardware, software, and services without getting the full benefit.

Digital Transformation

Your most proficient digital champions would probably tell you that existing practice and management is a bigger threat to the institution than your competitors. We don't simply tell you about what hardware or software to buy; we are here to coach you and teach you about the digital environment so you can make effective decisions and strengthen the organization that you know best.

Online Learning

Online learning is the best possible idea that is usually done in the worst possible way. True online learning succeeds by providing students with a better experience and the institution with a more effective and efficient means of delivery. Unfortunately, the measure for many is how close it is to existing practice (including all of its failures and inefficiencies). Imagine "improving" Edison's lightbulb by replacing the metal filament with a candle; it would make it more comparable to a candle, but would fail to gain all the advantages that Edison's lightbulb brought. Let's discuss the magic you can put in the bulb.

Educational Technology

We all use technology (if you're not, you're not reading this), but using technology does not mean that we understand it or its capabilities. As a result, individuals become prey to sales reps promising their solution will be the ultimate solution to all of your challenges. There is no such solution, it is about the way in which your entire tech stack aligns with your strategic goals. We can help with that alignment to strengthen your alignment and stop all of the money you spend on systems that don't deliver.

Technology to Claim your Niche

Digital Transformation means that you find the ultimate balance of people skills and machine skills. We integrate the skills and values of Higher Education and Technology. One conversation can transform your future.

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