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Welcome to my site.

I am currently the Acting Vice Provost for Research, Innovation, and Open Education at SUNY Empire State College; however, I have been in Higher Education my entire career (my first Higher Ed course taught was in 1983...you do the math) as faculty member, director, dean, and consultant.

My most recent work has been in the area of Open Education, so in many ways, this site serves to allow me to live my words (with the hope that I can dedicate the appropriate time to keep it up to date).

For those here to get resources, the link to my RLO database will be here.

For those wishing to interact socially, you can find me at:

For those with access who are here for a course, they are on my Moodle Server.

Information for potential clients interested in hiring me for a consulting project, can find additional infommation on my consulting specs page.

For current and previous consulting clients, the Clougherty Consulting Group has been dissolved. While my time for consulting is limited, it will be done individually and specifically by myself. For those already working with me, please use the Client and Associate Login

Documents in progress can be accessed by Associates and Publishers in the library.

media files are in the media repository.

Any other contact can be done my e-mailing me at: rjc@rjclougherty.net.